Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday-Supermarket Safari

OK you tourists! Now's the time to arm yourselves. Coupons? Check! Grocery List? Check! Lipstick? Check! Sneakers? Check Bwana! We are ready to go to the Supermarket! Here's hoping for a successful hunt!

We all have our own little tactics for navigating the wilds of our local grocery. Everyone knows that you never leave the house hungry or without a list or you'll end up with a box of Ding Dongs, a Bag of Chips and a jar of Martini Olives, completely forgetting that you left the house for Milk and Eggs. Hm, maybe that's just me.

I have one advanced technique that I'd like to share with you today. I Store Map. If you ask at the Supermarket Customer Service Desk, many stores have Aisle Navigation Charts. Now don't shake your head at me and say "If I need a map, the store's too big." Listen, here's a "for instance". Where is the Salsa at your store? The Catsup & Condiments Aisle? The Canned Tomato Aisle? The Ethnic Food Aisle? The Chips & Popcorn Aisle? Ask five different people and you will get five different answers. Now imagine that it's late at night, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is about to start in ten minutes, and you are caught wandering up and down the grocery aisles looking for salsa? Store maps? We don't need no stinkin' store maps! Ha! You'll be pretty sad and sorry with that attitude, my friend. As for me, I'm prepared for just such an emergency.

My supermarket did not offer maps so slowly over time I made small notations on my grocery lists. A "9" next to syrup, a "14" next to cat food, over time they all were identified. Using this info I started writing my lists aisle by aisle. Now I don't forget to pick up the rice pudding on aisle 9 while I'm getting that syrup. No more criss-crossing the store, back and forth marking random items from my list. I'm in and out in no time and never forget an item. That's what works for me.

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