Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday-Brand Loyal Edition

Well in case y'all hadn't noticed, I'm a penny pincher. A tightwad. A cheapskate. In general I am only brand loyal until the next sale. However, there are some things I will not compromise on. At the very top of my list is Hell on the Red SalsaI believe deep down in the very core of my being that there is nothing more vile than salsa with stewed tomatoes. Conversely, there is nothing more addictive than bright, fresh Hell on the Red from Telephone, Texas. When we lived in New Hampshire I nagged my mother constantly to mail me cases of the stuff. Seriously. It's that good.

I get wicked annoyed (see, I was thinking about New England and my accent changed and I'm not even speaking I'm typing) when the brands I'm loyal to farm their products out to Asia and keep charging us the same price for shoddy foreign goods. Hoover Vacuums I am talking about you! Is it any wonder that all my girlfriends have abandoned their Hoovers for Orek?

Or what about shrink? The can looks the same, but it's no longer filled all the way up inside! Oh, and don't even try that one about "settling during shipment". I have an older can and I can clearly see that the label says this is 2 and 1/2 ounces lighter! What? You say you had to do it to keep prices low? I don't believe you. Guess what, because you tried to trick me I am now switching brands. What do you think of that? What's that you say? The other brand is owned by the same parent company you are? Rats!

I'd like to say it's a no win situation for the average housewife but then I remember what a difference we can make in the world through our buying dollars. Do you remember the successful boycotts against Nestle chocolate and Dole bananas that stopped their use of child slave labour?

So, go ahead and tell us what works for you. You can find this and other WFMW items at Rocks in my Dryer. My personal fav was this list from the Queen of Dirty Laundry. Happy shopping!