Sunday, September 16, 2007

Web Side Story

There is a beautiful (click for stock photo) Writing Spider outside my back door. She is about 3-1/2" long with 1/2 brown and half black legs. She is amazingly elegant and her web is quite a work of art. I know some of you are squeamish about spiders (hence no photos on this page), but I love them. Anything that eats mosquitoes is OK in my book.
I've decided to name her Wendy. If I open the door, it will wreck her web so this morning I let the dogs out to do their business on the front lawn. The neighbors are appalled but I don't care. Wendy's web is beautiful and it pleases me to watch her through my rear storm door. This morning I called the kids to watch her enjoy a Sunday moth brunch.

I can't remember a time when I did not like spiders. As a wee heathen, I had a little log cabin playhouse in the back yard. There were always lots of Daddy Long Legs in there. I used to love sitting in it's cool shade reading books and playing with the spiders. I found them quite companionable. In fourth grade Mrs. Mader would take an hour every day after lunch to have us put our heads on our desks, close our eyes and listen as she read the most marvelous books to us. Can you guess what my favourite book was? I was so disappointed a year or so later when I took my little sister to see Charlotte's Web . I fully expected Fern to sound just like me. Instead she sounded like Lucy Van Pelt from the Peanuts. Bah. For the record, Debbie Reynolds and Paul Lynde were sublime.

I suppose you could say I never outgrew my love of these gentle delicate creatures. Even in college I dated not one but two boys because they drove Fiat Spiders. Wait. That really has nothing to do with this. But interesting, no? My point is in the day to day routine it's very nice when nature sends a beautiful surprise to your back door. My compliments to the artist.