Friday, September 07, 2007

Smilin' Through

What a lovely surprise! Jennifer of Jen On The Edge gave me a You Make Me Smile Award . I am told this award was started by Bridget of "miles to go before we sleep". Thank you to both of them for a real day brightener.

Some folks who Make Me Smile include:

Dr. Brazen Hussy of What The Hell Is Wrong With You? Because she is great fun and mixes a darn good cocktail.

The divine DraMa of Emancipation of a Drama Queen
Because I am so totally into redheads, especially ones who use the word "ecumenical" outside of church.

The adorable handbag princess, DCRmom of Musings of a Housewife
Because she brings me little glimpses of joy with every blog she writes.

Sassy of Oh.My.Gawd.Really.
Because when she tells a story all you can do is nod your head vigorously up and down saying "yes, yes, me too!" while tears of laughter roll down your face.

Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil
Because this may be one of the few awards she doesn't already have and besides her on-going Martina McBride story is priceless.

I hope you will rush on over and take a peek at these gals funny, fabulous blogs. Oh, and be sure to tell Miss Jennifer Happy Anniversary!