Monday, September 03, 2007

No Labor Day Holiday For Moms

Friday was met with breathless anticipation. A three day weekend! What to do? I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Absolutely nothing. When Spouse made plans to go to Home Depot and check some things off his Honey Do List, I shouted "Hold on there Cowboy" Monday is No Labor Day! We are not running errands or doing chores all day!" I am a Stupid Woman.

Saturday was spent shopping, cleaning and taking care of my usual Saturday chores. After dinner, I did my baking for the Coaches' Dinner and took care of sorting the disposable silver and making butter curls for their muffins. Sunday I was back in the kitchen for seven hours (less a one hour break to clean up) preparing a big southern style man meal for twenty.

Spouse predicted that when they smelled the orange marmalade glazed ham, scalloped potatoes au gratin, fresh corn muffins, green beans w/almond lemon butter, caramelized onions and old fashion chocolate cake, the meeting would come to an abrupt halt. Wow! Was he right! There is nothing in the world nicer for a tired cook than having twenty grown men rush to ooh, ahh and salivate over your offerings. When I told them it was my pleasure, it truly was.

When it came time for our dinner, Spouse told me to relax and let him handle it. Five minutes later: "Honey, would you mind making up a batch of those green beans and onions? Oh, and I'd love some gravy for the chicken and potatoes I'm making?". No problem. But once this is done, I'm done.

Apparently, an offer to make dinner does not include kitchen KP duty. I can not describe the mess I woke up to this morning, but suffice it to say that I refused to feed anyone until the dishes were done. At one o'clock this afternoon the family grudgingly announced that the dishes were out of the way and would I please make breakfast now? So yeah, I made up a nice farmhouse breakfast, took care of a couple of loads of laundry and got my counter tops shining like they should.

I suppose I should feel grumpy about my No Labor Day weekend turning into more of the same old/same old but I can't be cross. The truth is I truly enjoy taking care of everybody. It's not housework, it's "Family Work" and I get a big kick out of being needed. I think I'll just change the name of today's holiday to Labor of Love Day.