Thursday, September 27, 2007

Homecoming 2007

Bear is heading out the door feeling very depressed. It is Homecoming today at his high school. As a varsity football player, that is just wrong. He should be on top of the world today but the apathetic student council and advisers opted out of a dance this year. Bear told me he didn't need a mum since he doesn't have a date. "I guess we'll just go to Whataburger after the game or hang out at some body's house. This is stupid." Indeed.

I think it's also very surprising. When I went to his school (yes, the very same school) back in the dark ages, I of course was on the Homecoming committee. I remember the big push to get the events schedule out to the alumni and the two days spent decorating the hallways, stadium and the cafeteria for our dance. The Pep & Spirit Squad decorated all the football players' lockers with mash notes and taped a bag full of sweets to their locker doors. I remember the pep rally with thousands of people closing off the street in front of the school to cheer on our team and the fun of having recent graduates roaming the halls afterwards, popping their heads into the classes to say hi and exchange hugs with the teachers. Oh and the dance! The cafeteria was so beautiful with all the decorations, specialty lights and a live band. The world is different now.

There are metal detectors at the doors to the school. No one is allowed on campus without a badge dangling from his neck. The kids are not allowed to accept treats left sitting out. Campus activities now require extensive security and mountains of liability waivers. But I think the spirit is still there. These things run in cycles and in time the kids will find ways to adapt. After all, there will always be a Homecoming and and there will always be a King and Queen and a community rooting for our team.