Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sister Friends, Pinky Swear

Every woman needs a best friend. Every woman needs a girlfriend who will:

Take you to Memphis the weekend before your wedding to pay homage to The King

Always agree without reservation that your mother is indeed insane

Insist upon ordering dessert and then pass the plate to you

Remember your birthday and never get miffed if you are late sending her birthday card every year for the last fifteen years

Understand the depth and breadth of "cute shoes"

Nod knowingly when you expound upon the genius of Liberace, PeeWee Herman and Pinky and the Brain

Make plans to grow old and crotchety with you

Thank you to my sister friend, K for sticking with me all these years in spite of myself. I can't wait to torment waiters on groovy granny cruises when we're old and senile. Take care, J.