Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Riding In Cars With Boys

As most of you know, we have two Great Danes in our home. The first is our princess, Daphne the Dane Who Must Be Obeyed. The second is our foster for Great Dane Rescue, Archer the Handsome but Vengeful.

Wait, a vengeful Great Dane? The Gentle Giant of dogs? How can it be?
Is he mean? No. He loves everybody and is gentle as a lamb. He lets everyone, even the cat maul him without protest.
However, he has discovered The Power of the Poop.

I have always been in the habit of taking my sweet shadow Daphne with me to do the morning school runs, so when Archer came to stay with us it seemed natural to load him in the back of the SUV too. As the hot steamy summer dragged on, Daphne decided she'd rather just stay abed, so only Archer has been taking the boy to his 6:00 practice.

Every morning about 5:30, he comes in my bedroom and flaps his ears to wake me up and make sure the boy is getting fed and dressed. No need for alarm clocks in this house. We have Dane clocks! At 6:00 we are out the door and delivering the boy on time. After a brief puddling on the front lawn (ooh the joggers love that), Archer goes back to bed and I start my day.

However, this week Spouse had Monday and Tuesday off and he proposed since we had two cars, letting Bear the newly licensed teenager drive himself to practice. The dog was frantic. So today when I awakened to the ear flapping and everything seemed back to normal, he couldn't believe I took Bear to school and left him behind.

I had the compact car and needed to stop at the filling station and it just wasn't convenient to bring a 140 # dog with me. I didn't think much about it, but Archer the Handsome but Vengeful did. He waited until I came home to take care of his morning puddles but there next to my bed was an enormous pile of poop.

You had better believe that tomorrow I will be loading that dog up for the morning drop off. I learned my lesson. I tremble before the Power of the Poop.