Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Reading in Bed

I ask you, is there anything more luxurious, anything more satisfying, anything more wonderful than spending a morning snuggled in bed with a good read? Oh. Well, yes of course that. Ahem. Barring that other thing, I think having the time, the material and the privacy to loll about with something I want to read is Heaven.

Nowadays it's more difficult to find something worthy of my precious "down time". Having the attention span of kitten with a ball of yarn (ooo a bug! ooo shiney! hey! is that food?) and having terrible guilt pangs whenever I think I'm taking too much time in the bookstore, I have come to rely more and more on the recommendations of my girlfriends.

There was a time when I carefully read the book section of the Sunday Times, jotting down notes about what's hot and what's not. I subscribed to literary magazines like the New Yorker and read them cover to cover even if I have no intention of ever going to a Broadway play or Ack! poetry reading. Now I turn my nose up at such pretentious nonsense. That's for the pseudo-intellectuals in their high rise kitchens with black counter tops and stainless steel appliances to enjoy while sipping their mochachinos and wiping their horned rimmed glasses on their black designer shirts. Does anyone still say pseudo-intellectual? What was I talking about again?

Oh Yes! I have a short attention span earned from years of interruptions and a long track record of channel surfing. I need to know what's worth reading before I go to the bookstore. Did you know that there is a direct correlation between books that have the word "uproarious" on the dust jacket and books that stink? I also tend to put books back that have the words "heartwarming", "magical" and "groundbreaking" on the back cover. Trust me on this.

So a big thank you to the girls who keep me stocked with good reads and good recommendations. Remember, you're never alone in bed when you have a good book (unless the reading light is keeping someone else awake and he leaves).