Sunday, August 19, 2007

Drive to Glory

It's that time of year again. Friday night lights and the smell of after practice pads. Bear's first Varsity football season is upon us. His weekend consisted of publicity photos at the Chicken Express and Shady Oaks Barbecue (commercial endorsements can be so tiring when you are a star), Team, Position, Group and Individual photos back at school, and of course, practice, scrimmage, practice.

Last night was the Varsity "Retreat". I got plenty of cash, sent Bunnie to the cousins, and off Spouse, Bear and I went to the most excruciating event of the new school year.

Hour One: I get put on the list for supplying a home cooked dinner for twenty. This is Texas 5-A football, coaches work seven days a week during the season and it's nice when the football moms bring a decent Sunday dinner up to school for them. I also get put on the list for Spirit Sales. I let it be known that I would not be working in the snack bar from Hell again this year. The Booster Volunteer Coordinator gave me that pitying look usually reserved for survivors of unspeakable horror, and quickly pencilled me in for program and tee shirt sales. I think I may be signed up for other things too, but frankly I don't remember. In the meantime, Spouse was shelling out for photo buttons, Team Feeds, a team bag, and for the Mama, a stadium seat cushion!

Hour Two: Team blessing and the fajita line opens. For safety's sake the players were invited to go first. Picture a stampede of bull elephants rushing to the water hole and you will see my son racing in the front of the herd to the food. To their credit, I only heard one small whimper of terror from the catering staff. Spouse and I are seated next to parents we hadn't had the pleasure of meeting before. The father decided to take this opportunity to proselytize to us for the next half hour.

Hour Three: The boys are sent to the conference room upstairs to have the full weight of their community responsibilities imparted to them. The parents are warned about the new steroid testing and all the things that can produce a false positive, unscrupulous college recruiters, and the importance of college training camps. Um, yeah. When the boys came back downstairs we were told that if we put away the chairs and tables we could go. Have you ever seen 40 tables and 240 chairs put away in under three minutes? I can now say I have.

And so begins another drive to glory under the Texas sky. Go team!