Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back to School Shopping

Even during the school uniform years my mother always took me back to school shopping. We'd drive about an hour into the city and shop at two stores. The posh store was for school and church clothes and was always a pleasure to visit. Sears was for play clothes. I hated Sears. My mother consistently bought the ugliest clothes on earth from them because they never wore out. She always said denim is for day laborers. Instead of cool blue jeans I got Toughskins in avocado, pumpkin and the infamous Jan Brady multicoloured vertical stripes. The matching shirts were too atrocious to describe here. Let's just say "macrame" and "diagonal stripes" and leave it at that.

So today, I drove about an hour into the country to take the kids back to school shopping at the designer outlet mall. The Bear who's never been surfing in his life, stocked up on pants and tee shirts from PacSun, Volcon, Fossil and all the other brands that say cowabunga, dude. Bunnie, who lives in the oppressively hot southwest bought beautiful sweater twinsets and twills from Eddie Bauer and the other big name preppy shops. She tells me Peter Pan collars are the latest style. They both turned up their noses at the Levis store I would have killed to shop in at their age. My mother would be proud.