Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself

It's day three and there were no meltdowns and only one tragedy. Sure, we had a few expected bumps in the road. Bunnie needed help practicing working the combination lock on her locker before school the first few days.

"No Honey, the teachers won't get mad if you ask them for help opening it or finding your classes".

Bear left his binder with all his notes and assignments under the desk in his English class Tuesday.

"No Honey, you can't play wii since you forgot to bring your homework home." As I said, nothing unexpected.

Overall, it's been a good few days, but I'm pooped. Monday night we had Bunnie's golf lesson. Tuesday Bear had his last karate class/test of the year. One less extracurricular, yeah! Tonight I sell tee shirts at the high school's back to school fair. Tomorrow I'm making pastry for Best Boss Ever's birthday. Friday is the party at work. Saturday is the football game. Sunday I collapse and remind myself to Just Say No!

Oh! And the tragedy? This morning I put my Starbucks cup on top of the car while loading Bunnie and Daphne the Dane up for the Jr. High School run. I forgot to grab it before driving away. Now if that isn't a senseless tragedy, I don't know what is.