Friday, July 06, 2007

Archer is Snipped and Chipped

Our big soft handsome furry foster spent the day at the vet's getting neutered and having his microchip put in place. What a trooper. The weird part was how distressed our personal Great Dane, Daphne was while he was gone. When he came back, she treated him like her long lost brother home from the wars.
Naturally, the cat was less enthusiastic, but cordial just the same.
I am happy to report that Archer is fattening up nicely, no more bones poking out, and he seems to be in excellent health. Given his wonderful disposition and excellent manners, I don't expect him to linger in foster care for very long. I'm sure Miss Daphne will miss him, but I'm sorry to say that there will be another Dane needing a foster home after he is adopted.
If it weren't for GDRNT, this fellow would have been euthanized because he was sick, large, and no longer a puppy. Now he and others like him will have a chance at a long happy life. Thank you GDRNT.