Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Chick Flys the Coop

My little niece, Mouse is leaving for college in a few weeks. I'm trying to put together a package of goodies she will need in the dorms. So far I have a fancy wastecan filled with stamped postcards, soap packets and a roll of quarters for the laundry, a shower caddy and pop up laundry basket, a what to expect in the big wide world book... and there I'm stuck. She has all her clothes and linens. She doesn't eat or drink anything I can tuck in. Making a little going away basket shouldn't be this tough

Of course, it's hard to concentrate on the gift for Mouse when my sister can't stop crying. She just keeps repeating, "She grew up and I missed it! She's going away and I'll never see her again!". If you knew Mouse, you'd know that sis is not just being dramatic. She is the most self-sufficient child I have ever met and if there ever was a chick who couldn't wait to fly the coop it's that one. I wish I had words to console sis, but there aren't any. So I rub her back and bring her food she's too depressed to eat and I potter around with my little dorm basket for Mouse. Sometimes the only thing you can do is be there and remember to look sharp to your own nest.