Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hairy Houseguest

We have a temporary foster Dane sleeping in Bear's room. He's a thin, sickly looking Boston Merle named Archer. When Great Dane Rescue picked him up at the Humane Society he was heart worm positive and had a particularly nasty virus that has already killed one of their recent rescues. Archer is different from most fosters because he is not available for adoption. He has spent the last six weeks on crate rest at our vet getting all those nasty heart worms and viruses out, and he is just staying with us for a couple of weeks now while he gets his strength up to be micro chipped and neutered.

It was a little strange for us to bring home a dog that we knew nothing about, but he has been very well behaved and is fitting right in. Even the cat doesn't seem to mind having him around. He has that lovely Great Dane disposition that just melts me. Normally GDRNT doesn't put fosters with families until they've been tested for aggression, prey instinct and other factors that might make them unsuitable for placement in a home with other pets and children. Luckily Archer is a lover, not a fighter and a sweet goofball. Bunnie calls him Archie. I think he's more of a Jughead.