Monday, June 04, 2007

Day Tripppers

A very fun day yesterday! Spouse flew us down to San Antonio. We took the kids to see the Alamo. Bear cornered one of the guides into a an in-depth discussion of whether Davy Crockett would have been better off with a flintlock or caplock rifle while Bunny carefully studied all the timelines and miniature battle scenes.
After that we went down to the Riverwalk for a stroll and lunch. Naturally, we had tex-mex but because of the heat,we skipped the patio for the air conditioned dining room with spectacular views.
Next Spouse sweet talked one of the water taxis to give us a complete loop around the Riverwalk so we could enjoy all the sights in relaxed quiet. I am delighted to report that the funky metal awnining you see in the photo above is still there and is incredibly beautiful in real life. As a matter of fact, the children pronounced San Antonio the most beautiful city they've ever seen and Bear is determined to live by the Riverwalk when he grows up.
The weather at both ends cooperated and we were able to fly back home safely and tuck the little ones back into their own beds at a decent hour. All-in-all I'd say this was one of our best day trips and I'm looking forward to our next mini vacation.