Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hibachi Hara-kiri

Bear asked to go to a Japnese steak house for his birthday. We went to Nagoya in south Arlington. Sure, it was fun watching our chef flip eggs into his hat, but it was not so much fun when one of the heavy vetilation filters above the table crashed down inches from Bear's head and sent shards of shattered plates flying. Granted, the staff was as shocked as we were but it seemed to take a very long time for a decision to be made to move us to another table and begin the dinner over from the start. There was no mention of a discount for our trouble.

Dinner was fine, nothing special and the bill was reasonable but I don't think we'll be back. Considering the fact that the garlic oil they used didn't agree with the children's stomachs and the disorganized and less than gracious way the very dangerous disaster was handled, I think we'll do Benihana next time.