Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When Did I Grow Old?

Last week we took the children to their first rock concert. It was a cheesy New Zealand cover band playing Pink Floyd at the Bass Performance Hall. My sister and her hubby met us there and we all had fun except Sis would not stop poking fun at me.
It started in the lobby as I'm sipping a truly excellent champagne before the show and she reminds me that it's a little different from the days of passing round the Mad Dog 20/20 in a goatskin wine flask. Don't you feel old, now? Harumph!
I got my own back when she complained during the concert about the music being too loud. I just told her to turn down her hearing aid.
The kids enjoyed it thoroughly and all was well until it came time for the encore. Instead of pulling out their lighters and waving them as I'd expected, the teenagers all pulled out their cellphones and waved the lighted displays at the stage. What the?!
Oh no! It's official. I AM old. I'd sing part of that Willie Nelson tune I'm an Old Hippie... but I forget the words. My memory's not what it used to be.