Friday, March 16, 2007

Putting Things In Order

I've spent the last four weeks trying to get my life in order financially, physically and domestically.

First on the list was the proposed adoption of another child. For twenty years Spouse and I have been saying that when reach a viable place in our lives, we'd like to adopt an underprivileged child. The time came. We examined our finances, the effect on our current family dynamics, and how adding another child would effect our future. Everything was a go; everything except my growing realization that I really don't want another child. It turned out Spouse was having the same doubts so it's official. There will be no adoption in our future.

Next on the list was trying to get a handle on my weight problem. I joined a gym. Not a real gym mind you, but one of those 30 minute Curves circuit training places. After 2 weeks of going faithfully Monday through Friday, I haven't lost a single pound. Truthfully, I didn't expect to. Still it has to be good for my heart, my stamina, and maybe my golf swing so I'll continue to go regularly.

On the domestic front, the children discovered this hilarious 1950's educational film entitled: A Date With The Family as the folks from Mystery Science Theatre 3000 add their insights. Please stop and click the link before reading further.

They decided to make a game of imitating the film during Sunday dinner. That was a wonderful dinner! The next week, we did it again. Now we've had a real Date With The Family Sunday Dinner for the last three weeks and I guess it's become an institution. Bunnie loves layer cake for dessert. Bear loves the labor intensive roasts and ham with all the trimmings that I generally reserve for special occasions on a regular Sunday night. Spouse looks forward to the beautifully set table and freshly scrubbed faces. I look forward to the the exceptional good manners practiced in a stress free environment without a trace of criticism (ok, are you hearing some of my childhood issues popping up here?). Even Daphne The Dane Who Must Be Obeyed knows to use good manners, waiting quietly away from the table for her after dinner tidbits, rather than mooching like usual. Sundays are just so pleasant. Above all, we must be pleasant!