Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sardines Suprise

Last night Spouse surprised with a romantic dinner out. We went into Ft. Worth to Sardines Italian restaurant, a city institution. I thought it was called Sardines as an homage to Sardinia, but squeezing into the parking lot and squeaking into our itty bitty two top table I'm thinking it's called Sardines because it's packed.
Our table had a terrific view of the house jazz trio. The music was at the same time delightful and unobtrusive. The food was absolutely delicious, especially the crab stuffed mushrooms. Spouse was gorgeous. He realized after stepping out of the house that he'd forgotten his wedding ring. I told him to leave it. That way all the women at the restaurant could be jealous of my handsome young gigolo.
We talked about all my favorite topics, retirement, love, politics and of course, golf. By the time our tiramisu and espressos arrived I felt like the queen of the world.