Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sloth or I'd Procrastinate But I'm Too Lazy

The first in what I expect to be a series (knowing my habits) on the Seven Deadly Sins :
Two weeks ago I planned a simple easy get together for the girls. I gave myself plenty of time for cleaning and preparation. Feh. It's now two days before the sorority meeting at my house and I've done nothing. Sure, I could blame it on the torrential freezing rain or my unusually heavy work schedule or even just the fact of having Spouse and kids underfoot for the long MLK weekend, but the truth is I've been lazy.
It took me six days to put the Christmas decorations away. Sure the work was tedious, but really six days to wrap and box lights & ornaments? That's Sloth. I'm so lazy, I only just purchased the craft materials for the party this morning. I'm supposed to do a demonstration and have samples on Thursday and I haven't even tested the directions yet!
Thankfully, I'm only expecting six to ten gals so we can use the china and linens I have on hand. I won't need to run out for paper goods after all. Yes, clean up would be faster, but real china is so much nicer, don't you think? Of course I still need to make sure everything is washed and cleaned and pressed and polished. Oh, and I'll need to make sure both bathrooms are sparkling. Hm, and I really must be sure to get the common rooms dusted and vacuumed and the kitchen counters and floor shined. I'm sure I can get all of the food prepped and ready with no trouble at all. There will be plenty of time to do everything tomorrow after work. I need some time to relax tonight. Sloth: It's what's for dinner.