Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing Keeps Us From Our Appointed Rounds

They say a bad day's golf beats a good day's work and I do believe they are correct. Despite the freezing cold and roaring winds, Spouse and I went to Meadowbrook for a quick nine holes before work. It's a wicked tight little course with trees and hazards everywhere and the most sick high-sloped greens you've ever tried to chip up (and stay up) on. Small but very challenging. I loved it.
Spouse and I quickly turned ham fisted with the cold biting our hands despite wearing four layers of clothes to keep warm. Our balls would begin to fly true, then a fierce wind would suddenly blow it off course in mid flight like a cat batting a ping pong ball. My ball developed a weird fascination for the trees and ricocheted madly off any tree it coud find at every hole. Spouse's ball kept hitting the green and then rolling off of them over and over again. It was one of the worst rounds of golf either of us have ever played. It was also great fun.