Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Handy Man

I am so proud of my Spouse. Yesterday he replaced and repaired our rotting front porch post and sagging overhang. Today he is replacing our peeling teak veneer bathroom door. Ah teak doors, the very height of elegance in 1962 but oh, so dated today. Still, I can't bear to replace them. I tend to see our little brick box the way it must have looked when it was new. It seems like such a shame to just toss out what was once so luxurious and hip. However, one by one, I expect them to all be replaced before we move on to our little retirement cottage by the sea.
Spouse is at the hardware store now with Bear selecting some sort of special screws he says he needs. I love that our children get to see their father using his hands to make our home a prettier and safer place. I'll never understand that "successful men don't work with their hands" attitude so many men our age seem to have. If they only knew how attractive it makes them look to their wives they might change their minds. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a hot honey in a tool belt to ogle.