Friday, January 05, 2007

Gee, It's Swell Going Back to Work

Don't get me wrong. It was very nice having the last week off to spend "nest-ing" with my family, but Wow! am I ever glad to be back at work. The last three days have been crazy with all the catch-up work and all the new projects the bosses came up with while I was away. I'm loving it. I think today I may even get my desk completely cleared for Monday.Naturally, Spouse and kids are grumpy about me being at work when they come home from work and school. They really loved having a stay at home mom.I'm just thrilled to get out of the house and talk with grown ups. I think if I had to bake another cookie I'd slash my wrists. Hmm, I wonder if staying at home is the reason our moms were so crazy.