Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's Not Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The first Sunday in Advent has come and gone and I still can't seem to get it together enough to put the Christmas decorations up. On Saturday Bear put the lights up along the roofline but I couldn't find the matching lights we put in the shrubbery. This led to a massive search in the garage and a major sorting and trashing operation. We spent two hours and created approximately 8 square feet of boxed and bagged trash for the garbage men to take away. Mind you, Spouse had just cleaned out the garage two weeks before. I never did find those lights.

Inside we have a partially finished swag over the front window. I want to finish it off before bringing in the tree. It's just difficult to work up any enthusiasm. I'm still blue from the The Great Thanksgiving That Wasn't. I expected 16 for dinner. Only one of my sisters and her husband came.
My parents and my other two sisters and their families cancelled the day before. They decided my house four blocks away was inconvenient, but said I was welcome to bring the 25 pound turkey in my refrigerator over to my parents' house and cook for all of them. Not being inclined to play caterer when I had a house full of rented furniture and a table already set with pressed linens and polished silver, I demurred. I've been so upset, it's taken me nearly two weeks to be able to write about it in my blog without shaking. Luckily I'm only half Scottish, so I can only hold a grudge half as long.

In the meanwhile, I have a house to get decorated by next Sunday so I'll still have a full week for cleaning and cooking to prepare for our Darling Elizabeth's arrival on the 16th. I know once DE arrives, we will have the best early Christmas ever. I just have to shake the blues and get it in gear now. Somebody give me a slap and knock this funk off of me!