Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Running About Like A.....

The dirt I haven't noticed since spring is now all I can see. The housewares that have seemed fine all year long now appear woefully inadequate. The relatives are squabbling. The Spouse is repairing. The children are hiding. It's offical. The HOLIDAY SEASON is upon us.
I'm confused. I'm tired. Despite everything I can't wait to get cracking on Thanksgiving Dinner. I'm hoping that by doing it as a buffet table with all of the food in crock pots and chafing dishes it will be a relaxing meal with dinner time determined by us, not the food. I'm wishing that this will be the year when the kitchen (including pots & pans) is clean before the relatives arrive.
Last time I hosted all the work was done ahead of time but the last minute prep like carving and gravy and beverages and "where did that darn trivet go?" kept me from being a cool, well groomed hostess with time to join in the fun. I do not want to hear my mum go on at length about how it's "too much trouble for you, you're just trying to do too much on your own, etc." This year I want to make it look easy.
On Thanksgiving day I'm fighting the kids for the wishbone, and my wish is for a smooth and easy day full of laughter and gobblin'.