Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Making Lists

I'm a planner. An organizer. A list maker. I'm not compulsive, I'm just perpetually confused. Today I'm in my seven day countdown for completing my Thanksgiving To Do List. Iron the linens. Scrub and wax the floors. Polish the silver. Buy the groceries. Wash the windows. Wash the curtains. The list seems so long. So much is left to do. It's almost overwhelming.

I started looking at my Completed Job List. Big tree in front yard professionally trimmed and hedge by the door removed. Both baths refurbished. Table and chairs rented for the big gathering. Overhead lighting fixtures repaired, replaced and all new bulbs in every lamp. Goblets and champagne glasses for twelve puchased and ready to go.
My lists began to look eerily familiar. Then I realized where I'd seen them before. As a little girl I spent hours and hours with my dollhouse. It looked just like the one pictured above. For me it wan't as much of a toy as it was a planning tool. I used it to try different scenarios of what my future should be and then I'd write lists based on those scenarios.

I envisioned my future in a sturdy brick house with white shutters and two picture windows in front and a bay window in back because I wanted the views and really I didn't care about privacy as much as my dolls did. I wanted to spend my days enjoying the big tree for climbing in the front and the garden in the back. I'd have a strong handsome husband who would tell me good stories and clean up the dog poop on my lawn. I'd have two tall blond children (usually envisioned with British accents) who would be able to reach things on high shelves without bothering me like my sisters always did. First I'd have a boy then I'd have a girl. They would both bring me joy and occasional home baked cookies. To complete the set all I needed was a big playful dog and fat snuggly cat to sit with me by the fire in the evening. I would take care of my family and prepare delicious meals for them and never make them eat fondue. At Thanksgiving and Christmas my sisters and their families could come to my house for dinner and I would share all my desserts with them and never hide the twinkies.

I am happy to report that my plans worked out perfectly. My life is exactly as I hoped it would be, right down to the furniture arrangements. I guess I don't have to stress over the shopping and mopping and other Thanksgiving chores because looking at my Completed List the only thing that I absolutely can't forget to add is to GIVE THANKS.