Monday, October 09, 2006

Tail Wagging Camper

Miss Daphne was in doggy heaven this weekend. She got to go to the park, be with all four of her pack members 24/7 and eat and eat. Being a very calm, mature dog we naturally had no problems with roaming or barking although she was very concerned with the toddlers at the campsites on either side of us. If she thought they were wandering too far from an adult or they cried, she would come and get me to do something. Over all though she was very good about staying within five feet of us at all times and she did enjoy being outside.

On the downside, she got cold. I put a sweatshirt on her. During the night she got cold in her doggy bed. She crawled under my sleeping bag. She then stole half my sleeping bag. After a struggle, I settled for her doggy blanket and a small portion of the air mattress. Naturally, Spouse slept peacefully through the bed wars. In the morning I groggily attempted to remove the sweatshirt she was wearing that by now was tangled around her rear legs and tail. She yelpped like I was trying to steal the crown jewels, but in the end let me untangle her.

When it was time to break camp she moped under the picnic table. But when it was time to go, she jumped obediently onto her doggy bed crowded in the back of the suv with all the gear. In the end, I did have to put the sleeping bags & such on top of the suv to make room for her bed. Now Spouse is thinking about renting a trailer for our next camping trip so Miss Daphne will have more room to stretch out. After all, nothing is too good for The Dane Who Must Be Obeyed.