Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bathroom Beautiful

Spent today painting the little 3/4 bath off our bedroom. We have a houseguest coming in December and I want to get our room and bath redecorated in time for her visit. Yes, our room has come to the point where putting out fresh flowers is not enough to make it inviting for guests. I now have a list as long as my arm of things that need doing before our company arrives. The sad part is that I expected the loo to take one weekend to paint. It took two.

I'm terrified of starting the bedroom. There is no way Spouse is going to put up with the bedroom torn apart and full of fumes for two to three weeks. I wish I could just empty all the furniture and such out of here and do all the necessary painting, cleaning and repairs without having to work around everything but with a family that just isn't going to happen. Instead it will all take a very long (frustrating) time. Still, it will be worth it if our guest wants to stay a little longer this time.

Now if I can just talk spouse into trading his choice of red and gold curtains and bedding in for beige or cream and gold, I'll be all set. Why do men always want their bedrooms to look like bordellos? Wait, don't answer that. I really don't want to know.