Friday, October 27, 2006

Fire in the Hole!

Well, the little bath is now gorgeous with new fixtures and paint. Tomorrow I get to paint the bedroom ceiling. Spouse keeps making rude jokes about my obsession with freshly painted ceilings but I can't get irritated with him because he spent four hours last Sunday trying to remove the toilet lid for me.

In the end that corroded disgusting wood toilet seat/lid took a power drill, hacksaw, chisel and monkey wrench to remove from our 1962 toilet. He ended up using everything but dynamite. I used the dynamite (or the generic version, some stuff called Kazzam) on soaking pads left on the tank for an hour to restore the finish. I'll spare you the details of what went on in the bowl. However, I'm very proud to say the potty looks like it's brand new and we only had to spend five dollars on a new seat.