Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fall Into My Garden

After a particularly harsh summer with horrific heat and drought, my garden is coming back to life. It was lovely on Sunday to get back out into the Herb Garden for a solid weed, prune and feed.

The West Garden is glorious. The roses are in bloom again. The purple passion flower vine is a spectacular backdrop to the yellow summer daisies (which in TX look dead in the summer, but great in Spring and Fall).

I hope to have time this weekend to do some fall planting in the East Garden. The summer casualty list there includes one dwarf pine and three rose bushes. I'm beginning to sweat the tulip season. I should have put my bulbs into the fridge for their 10 week cool down before now. I have yet to buy any. It's just so hard to work up enthusiasm for tulips in 90 degree heat.

Guess I'll have to hit the golf course for a few more weeks before it will be really pleasant enough to get down and dirty in the garden.