Monday, September 18, 2006

At the "Fore" Front

I have a renewed mania. Golf. There was a time before I was married when I practiced faithfully, muddled through private lessons even in the most sweltering heat, and just generally enjoyed the game. Over the years I sort of dropped it except for the occasional trip to the driving range with girl-child.

Last week the office had a meeting at the country club and one of my employers asked if I was enjoying the club membership they had given me last March. Can you believe that I've never used it? That's just not right. I went straight home and polished up my rusty old clubs.

With the exception of a few days when I've been off my feet due to a bee sting on the toe (I'm allergic), I've been down at the driving range working on my swing. Apparently clubs are not the only things that become rusty. Deep in hacker's denial, I took a little trip to the golf equipment center (well, it is right next to the grocery) and drooled over some very cool high tech women's clubs.

I can't believe the way the equipment has changed! They now have balls just for women! And the clubs! They are more than just shorter light blue men's clubs, they are engineering marvels! I'm 5'9" and they actually make women's clubs now that are the right length for me. I'm amazed.

Spouse is being indulgent so far but he keeps muttering something about needing to get a second job if I keep hanging around the golf course. I think it's an excellent idea. He'll need something to keep himself busy as I turn him into a "golf widower". Fore!