Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What's In Your Wallet? Part 2

My grandfather used to tease my grand-mother with the same recitation every morning before leaving home. He'd tap his face, his fly and each pants pocket as he ran through the morning checklist: "Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch! See you at lunch!" Then off he'd go, enjoying my grandmother's inevitable cringe.

But there was one other item, not on the checklist that he never left home without. It was a dog-eared pocket size dictionary that had been given to him when he very young. Over the years, any time he met someone he wanted to remember for any reason, he would ask them to autograph his book. I never knew why that book was so dear to him, but there it was.

I am woefully absent minded. I've asked everyone over the years to please never give me real jewelry or portable heirlooms because I will lose or break them. I learned to never carry photos or documents with me after having my wallet stolen more than once. The thought of carrying around an expensive PDA seems so much nicer than the heavy planner I lug everywhere, but I think it may be too much responsiblity for a scatterbrain like me.

Still, there is one small slip of paper that goes with me everywhere I go. I don't need it. The words are as familiar as can be, but it seems comforting to have a tangible reminder with me wherever I am. Roughly translated from the french, it says:

"A succession of small duties, always faithfully done demands no less than do heroic actions."-Rousseau.

So there you have it. The theme for this blog and my life. What's in your wallet?