Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sushi and Salsa, Mmm Good!

Last night Spouse and I met friends at Xoubas for an evening of Latin Asian Fusion food and our very first Salsa dance lesson. What a treat! You know it's been a great evening when I came home and Bunnie asked if I had a good time at the pool party. "Oh! you are dripping wet and your face is sunburned. You didn't go swimming? Ewwww!"

First let's start with the venue. Xoubas is a newly renovated restaurant and lounge about ten minutes from home. It is beautiful. Try to imagine red hot carribean lighting and accents on a clean black and white japanese decor. It's sophisticated and exciting. The food is the same way. The combination of empanadas and sushi seems unlikely until you see the gorgeously presented plates and take one bite. Sheer heaven. The plantain chips with garlic mint sauce are to die for.

Then there was the dancing. We maybe go boot scootin' once or twice a year. It's funny because we both love dancing, but with work and kids, we just never made the time. Every year at the annual hanger dance we toy with the idea of one day taking swing dance lessons but we never do. Then a friend from Brett's work (a gorgeous redhead who reminds me of Rita Hayworth as Gilda), began telling us about this group she meets every Wednesday at Xoubas for salsa lessons and dancing. After hemming and hawing about it being a work night/school night, we agreed to join her and the gang for "just an hour".

The 1/2 hour lesson with the pro, Luiz was so much fun and the music was so enticing and the people were so warm and fun to be with we couldn't leave until Spouse was nearly falling down from exhaustion. Sure we stomped on each other's toes, and obviously had no sense of rhythm but wow! did we have fun.

We're going back to Xoubas on Sunday for our second lesson. Gilda was so delighted to see how much we enjoyed ourselves, she invited us over to her house next week for dance tutoring. Spouse is even talking about buying some Cuban heeled dance shoes! We may never follow through, but it sure was nice to escape the suburban routine and who knows? Maybe someday I may be able to find the beat. One, and two, and three, and four, and spin, and six, and one, and two...