Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mom Versus Mess- Oh! The Humanity!

Bunnie is extremely clever and imaginative. When other chidren tire of their toys, they either forget about them or toss them away. Bunnie never tires of any of her toys, she simply finds new ways to play with them. I firmly believe that if a child uses a toy regularly, it should not be taken way from her, no matter what the clutter factor may be. That is how her room turned from a beautiful haven into a disaster movie poster.

So this weekend we ventured in there with the intent to rebuild from the rubble. I brought my snow shovel, she put on her hip waders and together we are attempting to clear the clutter. I can remember how emotionally difficult it is for an adolescent to throw out toys she has strong attchments to.
It's a bit like smacking her over the head and saying "Oy! You have to grow up NOW!" For me it was devastating. I want to protect Bunnie from that, but her bedroom needs to be cleared.

There was an extremely difficult moment when we had to let her "My Size Barbie" go. Over the past 9 years Big Babs has been playmate, confidant, protector and mentor for our girl. Lately though she's just been gathering dust in the corner as a "decoration". It is time to say goodbye. Bunnie held her tight and said something private to her, cried while I bagged her up, and ended up having to take a hot soak to clear her head before coming back to continue working on her room. I assured her that it's natural to feel sad, just as it's natural for little girls to outgrow their dolls and even though it hurts a little, everything is just as it should be. She bounced back and was a trash tossin' fiend from then on.

As of 9:00 this evening, she has two new shelf units assemled and filling quickly and visible vacuumed carpet on the far side of her bed. Tomorrow we tackle the rest of the floor and (eek!) the closet. The hallway outside her door is lined with items she wants to pass down to her younger male cousin. I hope I'll be able to get that stuff all sorted and boxed tomorrow as well, but that's another project altogether. Bleh.