Sunday, June 11, 2006

Summer Training in Texas

Tomorrow's projected high temerature is 100 degrees with dangerous ozone levels. That can only mean one thing. It's time to suit up and begin summer high school football training camp! Bear is incredibly excited. He earned a spot his school's 5A Junior Varsity team. For those of you who don't speak high school football (I'm a rabid fan), 5A is an elite division based on enrollment. Bear's school (which also happens to be my old school) has over 3000 students. Needless to say I am eternally grateful that the boy has the opportunity to play for some of the best high school coaches in the United States.

Bear's coaches have instilled a sense of dedication and perseverance that make it an absolute joy to watch him on the field. I am always amazed by how much fun he has getting beaten up in the hot Texas sun when he could be snooozing at home in the air conditioning. Every afternoon after training he'll come home with some silly story about locker room hijinks or on field hilarity and I can't wait to hear more.

Last week I sprained my finger tossing the ball in the yard with him. My finger swelled up like a balloon and turned a foul shade of blueish blackish green. I still can't wear my wedding ring. I never knew having a teenage son would be this amazing and inspiring and if you happen to catch like a girl... painful. Go Vikings!