Sunday, June 11, 2006

Forty Something Rocks!

230# I think Anna Nicole's Trimspa might actually work if I'd just remember to take the darn things. I'm too contented right now to fret over the fat.

Contrary to the notion that my forties would be like something out of a Gloria Swanson movie complete with a live in Eric von Stoheim but minus the dishy Bill Holden, I'm pleased to report that the forties are fabulous.

Done with the searching of the twenty something, the struggling of the thirty something, this is the good part. Now I get to enjoy the time I spend with my home, my spouse, my children. Now is the time for enjoying the benefits of all the preparations made over the years.

My life feels like a garden. I planned and dug in my twenties, weeded and manured in in my thirties and now my life is covered in blooms. Each season brings with it a bumper crop of joy. I'm looking forward to our fifties. We've been shopping for a little island to build a retirement cottage on once the children are out of high school. It's going to be like being newlyweds again without having to worry about bills and birth control. Go ahead and take the soft focus off the camera Mr. De Mille. I'm ready for my close up wrinkles and all!