Monday, May 08, 2006

Little League: The Real Competition Is Off The Field And In The Ice Chests

I_am so ashamed. Last Saturday was Bunnie's turn to bring the after game snack. She has been impressed with some of the treats the other children have brought. She liked the juice drink that had a baseball player on the box. She liked the snack with the snazzy candy. She liked the goody bag full of cookies. She liked the snack with Bazooka Bubble gum. I took notes.

I found all the things she liked. I made up pretty colorful sacks with nifty stickers. I put together the best snack pack yet. I packed my cooler and headed out for the game.

It was a rain out. I rushed home and sent a hurried e-mail to the mom doing snack at the next game. "If you havent already put something together, I'd be happy to bring this already packed ice chest to tomorrow's game..." There was no reply. On Sunday I found out why.

Bunnie came home with the most extraordinarily beautiful goody bag I had ever seen. Not only did it it contain all of the required chips, cookies & candy, the bag itself was right out of Martha Stewart's Workshop. She had used her computer to print up the team name with a "Way to Go" and then carefully cut the design out with special pinking shears and finished everything off with color coordinated baseball stickers. It was spectacular. I was green with envy.

My turn at snack has been moved to this Saturday. Well I'm ready to kick it up a notch. I am headed out to the party store first thing in the morning to find small baseball themed toys to stuff in the goody bags. Ha! Toys! Nobody else has done that yet! And I can use my computer printer too. If she can print out the team name, I can print out the team logo! Ha! Logo!

I know, I know, I'm so ashamed, but still....

There is a spirit of friendly competion in all of us. Even Snack Moms.