Monday, February 06, 2006

Six More Days to Reno

Today Spouse took me to the Lebanese restaurant across from the New Wal-Mart they built on the spot where the old K-Mart used to be. But before y'all get excited thinking exotic international culture and cuisine has come to the suburbs I must point out that the restaurant features Hookahs and Belly Dancing in the evening but at lunch it's an All You Can Eat Buffet for $6.99. Naturally, my very scottish spouse came armed with two for one and dollar off coupons. I swear that man thinks the greatest phrase in the english language is neither found in the Bible nor in Shakespeare, but on a banner hanging from a restaurant window with the words All You Can Eat.

He has actually downloaded the menus for all of the restaurants at the Eldorado and mapped out his buffet and $1.99 special strategy for our entire stay. Can you imagine what he'll be like when he hits retirement age? Most men dread getting older. I think Spouse is looking forward to getting his AARP card so he can cash in on the senior/early bird specials!