Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I Won The Lottery

I hit the powerball number on Monday's TX Two Step so I won $5. That's right! Five big ones.

After checking my lottery ticket I went out to the garden and lo and behold, there was the first tulip of spring and it was purple. Purple. I did not intend to plant any purple tulips, but it sure is pretty. Purple. This must mean something. Purple tulips don't just happen. At least, they don't happen in my garden. Hm, Purple.

Well, I plunked some primroses and a new lavender into the herb garden. I already have a Goodwin Creek lavender, but it does not seem to like the rich soil in the herb garden so I'm going to try a different variety as well.

I was fairly cross today over recent current events and having to make extra school runs due to assignments forgottten at home and dishes left in the sink overnight because I had a headache and went to bed early. But I won a little pocket change and my favorite woodpecker, Oscar brought a pretty little girlfriend home with him and I spotted a beautiful new flower I didn't expect in my garden. I suppose some days the world just conspires against having a grouchy day. There must be some kind of victory in Purple.