Thursday, February 23, 2006

Furry Fostering

After months of deliberation, we decided we are ready for a dog. This will be the first dog either of us has had since we married 18 years ago and the first dog ever for the kids. Our biggest concern was being tied down to a 15+year commitment since we plan to travel extensively once Bunnie goes away to college. With that in mind, an older short-lived dog would be best. In the end we decided the perfect dog for us is that gentle giant, the Great Dane.

We looked into several shelters and rescue groups and found GDRNT . Because they are not a shelter facility, they have a tremendous need for temporary foster homes for danes awaiting adoption. Here is a great way for us to get back in the groove of doggie living before settling in with "The One".

We are scheduled for a home visit tomorrow evening so GDRNT can check us out before placing a properly screeened foster dog with us. The Fat Cat has no idea what he is in for!