Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Suburban Decadence

We now have a new coffee maker and all is right with the world. No more leaks. No more coffee makers on the good furniture. No more Beeps! I am one happy homemaker.

In fact, yesterday was a most pleasant day all around. I spent the day with Spouse (no children) doing not very much except enjoying one another's company.

After the Great Coffee Pot Exchange, we window shopped at the posh designer stores; Gucci, Vuitton, Pink's, Versace, etc. Then it was off for fajitas and margaritas followed by a long session of lazing in the hot tub and groaning over our swollen bellies. Ahhhh. I love being a decadent American.

Now that I have about six cups of coffee in me, it's time to get going on shopping and dinner. Maybe if I move fast, I might be able to get some gardening in as well before work. You don't think that might be the coffee talking, do you?