Friday, January 13, 2006

Piano Bars and Ironing Boards

This morning I ironed table linens. Saturday is my regular ironing day, but with the holidays I had 4x as many laundered table linens waiting to be ironed as I usually have. Ironing is actually my "me" time. I like to put the Singers & Standards station on and set up my board where I can watch the world through my front door.

I really love my front door. We have a traditional farmhouse door for the night but when I'm at home I like to open it up to the all-glass and screen storm door. I get to enjoy my front garden and watch the neighbors come and go on our pretty little shady street. Sometimes I fantasize that leaving the door open will encourage folks to see I'm home and to drop by unexpectedly for a cup of coffee.

Of course nobody ever does that anymore. It's all cellphones and ", I don't want to put you out, let's meet at Starbucks..." etc. Then there's the spouse who wants his privacy and worries about the safety of putting the inside of his home on display for any stranger passing by.

So I stand at my ironing board watching the birds in the mulbery tree and press dinner napkins and some times sing along to piano bar standards like "Cheek to Cheek" and "That's Amore". I count the napkins and slip them into their protective sleeves. I estimate how many I will need to buy for the party in April. I watch the fat cat stretched out next to the ironing board purring in his sleep and I wonder what he dreams about.

The kitchen timer goes off to remind me to stop and prepare the dinner. I jump a foot then grumble about not being finished. I mix and stir, cover and stash everything into the fridge so I can just pop it all in the oven when I get home from work. Time to go get dressed for the office. I pass by the ironing board still sitting with a pile next to it in the middle of my living room. I decide if anyone looks in my front door, that's just too bad. They deserve to see my mess since they never stopped by for coffee.