Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ow! My fingertips hurt!

Today was scrapeing day. I spent the morning scrapeing vinyl stickers from my car window and then re-lettering them with the letters forward, not backward. Now the whole world can see that my son is a football hero and that my paper-thin fingernails are now worn down to the quick. After the car I went into the bathroom where tile mortar had dried to a delightful crust on the floor of the master shower. I got to scrape that off with a box cutter before going to work. Tomorrow I get to go over it with steel wool and then bleach the entire enclosure.

Somehow I never pictured doing any of these things when I played house as a little girl. Back then my favourite toy was an iron and ironing board that really worked! Amazingly the thrill of those days has not carried over into adult life. For Christmas this year I gave my 11 year old daughter a real working sewing basket with all the accessories. She wants me to teach her to sew by making 1960's style clothing for her vintage Skipper doll collection. Let's break this down then, shall we?

The liberated mother of the 21st century gives her daughter tools to learn a traditional womanly skill that she can use to care for her 1960's gender role-play toys. Well hell, at least she won't burn down the house with some toy iron and maybe she'll develop respect for all those women who came before her and worked their fingertips raw providing for their families.

More adventures from suburbia tomorrow.