Monday, January 23, 2006

Getting Personal

Let's see, I'll tell how much I weigh, my age and how I spend private moments alone at home. Am I willing to share my politics? Don't laugh, this is huge for me. In my younger days sex, politics and religion were regular topics of conversation privvy to anyone within earshot. Nowadays only my oldest and dearest friends know my politics and many of my closest friends and neighbors would be shocked to find out that I do not share their point of view. The thing is, spirited debate is not always polite. Or friendly. Or even vaguely civil. I think everyone should be more civil, don't you?

I thought so. And seeing how we've become such intimate friends, I'll tell you my secret. I have a big yellow dog sleeping under my porch! That's right, I vote Democrat. What's more, I was president of the Young Democrats chapter on my college campus. My spouse was president on His campus. I have voted Democrat in every election since my 18th birthday. I raise my children to believe that understanding politics and educated voting is more than a right, it is a personal responsiblity.

This November we will be voting for Texas Governor. I looked at all of the candidates, including the independent's platforms. Based upon the issues, I'm backing Chris Bell. To learn more, you can visit his website. Or keep reading my blog. Now that I've started chances are I will not be shutting up in the future. But I promise, I 'll try to keep it civil!