Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Do The Backslide Dance

A wartime cartoon from Dr. Suess.

A little backsliding this week. I'll need to step it up a notch this coming week to catch up. I need to pay more attention to my water intake and hopefully I'll be back on track next week.

Spouse is dressing to drive in to Dallas. We need to return a Christmas gift. We were given a spectacular, super deluxe coffee maker. This thing had all the bells and whistles and was so big I couldn't fit it on my counter because it blocked the overhead cabinets.

Spouse was crazy about it. Since it couldn't fit in my kitchen, he put it on my mahogany silver chest in the dining room. I hate the thing. It beeps. The coffee is always cold because it has an automatic shut off and it beeps. After only two weeks it began to leak. Luckily, he spotted the leak before my furniture was ruined. Now we get to exchange it for a new one. Oh, please let him find a different brand that we can exchange this for. Please, please don't let Spouse bring another one of the same home! Wish me luck.