Saturday, January 21, 2006

All My Little Chicks Home Safe

I spent most of the day out in the garden. I think it will take about four more flats of pansies to finish the iris patch. I usually do the spring cleanup in the herb garden in February so I suppose I'm still on schedule (although with this warm weather I feel like I'm two months behind).

Bear was very handsome this evening all dressed up for the ROTC ball. He had a magnificent time. Tomorrow he's promised to help Spouse cut back the crepe myrtles in an attempt to earn back some of the money he spent on pictures, etc. According to Bear "Love is free. Dating is expensive. Girlfriends are for the rich." Smart boy.

Something disturbing did happen when I went to pick him up after the ball. One of the cadets had arrived in uniform but without his jacket and tie. They were going to eject him, but Bear offered to loan him his jacket so the cadet was allowed to stay. The dance was held at the University here in town in a not so nice neighborhood with an impoverished bario to the south and a homeless shelter to the north. About six blocks from the Ballroom Dylan spotted the small 14 or so year old boy walking alone in the dark Texas night.

He said, "Mum, pull over and see if we can give him a lift." When we stopped the boy said he was alright, his mother was waiting for him a few blocks away. A few blocks away? He was already nowhere near the University. My heart just about broke. Here was a child in danger just to save his pride. What kind of home life did he have that he was allowed to walk home alone in the dark? How could no one notice that the child had no jacket and tie because he couldn't afford them?

Tonight as I tucked my snuggly little Bunny and my oh-so exhausted Bear into bed, I worried about that little boy. I held my own little ones even tighter than usual and gave thanks that all my little chicks were safe in the nest.