Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ahh! The Aroma of Manure in the Morning!

I just came back in from the garden and I am cold, tired, dirty, and happy as a clam. After five years of hard work, it all seems to be falling in to place. It's not that I ever really expect to finish the garden, it is just that it is finally getting to the point where I can relax and enjoy the way it looks and feels without fretting over what needs to be done to make it presentable. This weekend I finish the pansies.

I think I should try to take a photograph of the garden of choice at the end of the month. It might be fun to document the progress of our yard through the course of a year. That might also be a good incentive for me to go out there during the summer when I much prefer to hide in the air conditioning.

Next week I feed and mulch and beautify the herb garden. That's truly my favourite spring chore. Maybe I'm a bit odd, but the aroma of freshly laid garden manure just smells like spring to me.